Indigenous Mauritius

Mauritius has been well-known as a sea destination, thanks to its beautiful snow-white beaches and turquoise lagoons. But beyond the post cards, Mauritius has much to offer: its unique nature; the DNA of the island.

Uninhabited 400 years ago, Mauritius was Home of many animals and plants species that enjoyed a pristine giant forests for millenniums. Giant tortoises, blue pigeons, parrots, and Dodos were part of this heritage that has partially disappeared through the years. When first men settled on the island in 1598, this magic nature started to be threatened, and unfortunately some of our unique species got extinct. The natural habitat of these animals and plants changed dramatically and some of them could not survive to the impact of the human activity. Mauritius has been ranked by the IUCN as having the third most endangered flora in the world. 200 of the 315 endemic plant species are threatened and Mauritius may already have lost as many as 70 plant species.
Here are some examples of exctincted animals.