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Yanature has been the pionneer in the hiking and trekking tourism sector in Mauritius since January 2004. Above all, we are friends and passionate mountain lovers. Our desire to bring people on discovery excursions in the wilderness of our beloved island is what we live for.



We are passionate about mountains, we are nature lovers, we are outdoor enthusiasts and we are looking forward to meet and share this with you. 





In Mauritius, we find 9 species of living, endemic bird species.

In late 1950’s species such as Mauritius kestrel, Pink pigeon and Echo parakeet were in immediate danger of extinction, and although numbers have grown they have not yet won the war of survival. In 1974 only four Mauritius kestrels existed making it the rarest bird on earth. Today there are more than 350 birds in the wild. Thanks to an intensive program of captive breeding, although the bird is still on the endangered species list.


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Nou Le Morne Festival – 25 of August
Trail, Danse, Concerts, Expos, Photos Join us on the 25 of August at Le Morne for the next edition of Nou Le Morne & the #TrailDeLaLiberté ! Wether you are a confirmed runner or not, we would be very happy to welcome you on the event for a festive day…
The Mauritius Trail Championships
Yanature and Rando-Trail & Nature are glad to invite you for the first edition of the Championship Trail of Mauritius, which will be held on the 12 of August 2019 at the Chasse de Case Noyale, on the West coast of Mauritius.
The Trail de la Liberté
The Trail of Liberty, a race in nature in the southwest of Mauritius, on a place steeped in history and a symbol of freedom for all Mauritians. Le Morne Brabant. This mountain, dear to our hearts and which witnessed every line of our company’s history, was the refuge of the…
Covid 19 lockdown

Life in time of Covid-19

We are living in unprecedented times. Modern society has never seen anything like it. Who would have thought that we would live to witness a …

Port louis capital city

Port-Louis – Capital City

DISCOVER PORT LOUIS Port-Louis, capital of Mauritius is a city that blends modernity and traditions of many cultures from all over the world. To get …

Trail-Running in Mauritius


TRAIL-RUNNING, AT THE CORE OF OUR IDENTITY At Yanature, Trail-running holds a very special place… A special place because for its founders, it is not …



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Le Morne hike & way more
Delphine B, Lausanne, Suisse - January 25 2019
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More than just a guided hike, climbing Le Morne with Yanature was a communion with the environment. We took time to enjoy every single step, learn about many trees and flowers along the way and of course appreciate stunning views.

I had the chance to hike with Yan, and we could all feel how much he was into sharing his love for the region and his activity. And how much he cares about you being comfortable and confident along the way. Such a complete human experience and a great meeting in addition ! Tons of thanks !

Yanature hikes! The other face of Mauritius
Stefania G, Italy
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Yemen hike! The other face of Mauritius I'm personally enthusiastic about Yanature's guides! I'm a Nature and Hiking guide in Italy and I lead groups of italians here in Mauritius. So I did many hikes with Yanature, starting from 2016 with Zack in Black River Gorges NP, then Henry and Nico in Le Morne. This November I met Jessa for the first time in Tamarin 7 Waterfalls, and, finally, Yan himself and Rafiki in the same hike, when I was with my group of clients. In the end, I did Yemen Hike with Nicolas and Rafiki few days ago. This hike is great! you can see many animals! the short and easy ascent will bring you to breathtaking viewpoints and you have the opportunity to hike in a kind of 'savanna', just few kilometers far away from the common Mauritian white sandy beaches. Last but not the least... the guides are ..over the top (and I see them from a professional point of view!) Each of Yanature's guided has a peculiarity and all of them are really perfectly prepared to lead you in Nature! So let yourself go and enjoy their hike! really feel close to you guys! So keep going on and see you next time for a new adventure! Stef

a brilliant run through bat colonies and chinese guava
sean_hunter_christie Cape Town Central, South Africa
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I booked a trail run in the gorgeous Black River Gorges reserve with Yanature, and had Yan himself as a guide, the godfather of Mauritian trail. I am ten years Yan's junior and probably two minutes slower than him per kilometer of trail, but he was very insistent that I stay out of the red for the sake of my overall enjoyment of the morning, and he was very intuitive in setting a comfortable pace. He was also great on trail orientation, giving very precise guidance on the distance and demands of each new section - particularly welcome on the single track climbs through thickets of Chinese guava, which do not allow for any topographical perspective. Being a big bloke and a skier I enjoy going downhill fast, but rain in the preceding week had created mud slicks the likes of which you just don't see in my native Cape Town, and without making a fuss of it Yan pointed treacherous sections out ahead of time. From our highest point - a conical peak the name of which I have forgotten - we descended on a little used trail Yan described as "super-technical", and the slope was obscenely steep but densely packed guava trees on either side enable a kind of forward leaning free fall, with the hands and arms working as hard as the legs at times, yellow fruits tumbling ahead of us on the trail. The guava is a fierce invasive, but tunneling through it induces a dream-like state similar to night running - an experience I will remember for a long time. Our run concluded with a dip in the Riviere Noire, and it was far and away the best use I made of any morning spent in Mauritius. Highly, highly recommended.



The work carried out in Mauritius is one of the world’s most successful conservation stories. This is due to MWF’s restoration work started in the 1970s, which has succeeded in rescuing the Mauritius Kestrel, Echo Parakeet and Pink Pigeon, from the brink of extinction. We also develop protocols for the rescue of native plant species and we work in Rodrigues restoring the flora and fauna, replanting the native forest.