At Yanature, we’ve been guiding guests from all over the world the past twelve years. Our professionalism and passion for the outdoors have been the keys of our success.

Yanature has been the pioneer in the hiking and trekking tourism industry in Mauritius since January 2004. Our team also introduced Trail-Running on the island, and created a league of many events that hosts today, between 400 to 2000 hikers and runners on a monthly basis.

Before all, we are friends and passionate mountain lovers. Our will to bring people on discovery excursions in the wilderness of our beloved island is our ultimate mission, the reason for why we wake up every morning.

Hiking and Trekking in mountains and outdoors environment involves risk. Our guides are experienced and qualified to offer a professional and well framed service.

More than 15 years of experience

8 Professional Local Guides

EFR Certified

5* Certificate of Excellence TripAdvisor
+400 positive reviews


Our curiosity about the world is inexhaustible. Since the creation of Yanature in 2004, we’ve constantly been busy opening new tracks through our deepest forests, to our wildest Mountains peaks. There is still plenty to discover, and our state of mind has stayed the same.


Meetings brings together all the ingredients of a successful trip.We dream of scenery in the Mountains, with views on the sea that stretches out of sight. We live for this simple and intense pleasure of contemplating a breathtaking panorama and the joy that it brings. We love sharing our passion for our island’s, its nature and mountains. Your enthusiasm and trust are our greatest rewards.


Respect for ecology is a value at the heart of our lives. We keep the paths we take as such, leaving only our footprints behind. We are grateful to live in such a beautiful and unique country, with high density of native endemic species. We will not tolerate to let them disappear. This is why raising awareness on this matter & contributing to the local NGO “The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation” is a priority to us.