Yanature has been engaged for several years in Trail-Running activities in Mauritius.

Led by a team of mountain lovers, and performant Trail-Runners, (2016/2017 Mauritian Trail Running Champion, Grand Raid Finishers under 35H, regular other local races wins and top ranking) we give the opportunity to sporty visitors to join us on the island’s most beautiful trails.

We have different outings to meet everyone’s level, from beginners to advanced trail-runners!

Short distance trail

Easy – 11kms

The smoothest tracks of the park, this course is open to all.. Starting on a jeep track for the first few kilometers, we quickly make our way down to a small single track that takes us on the banks on the Mare Longue dam. We run on the side of the dam for a while before making our way back up to the start point.

Cumulative altitude gained: 155m.
Price: Rs.5000/pers 

Technical – 11kms

After a kilometer only on a rocky jeep track, we may our way up a steep single track: “the pilgrims trail” which was used by the pilgrims at the time. Once at the top, we take a short trail that will have us cross a river at the top of a waterfall. A small climb before we take a technical track down. Chains and ladders will be there to help you.

Cumulative altitude gained: 800m.

Price: Rs.5000/pers

Medium distance trail

Easy – 17kms

An easy beginning around the Mare Longue dam before we take single track including a river crossing at the top of a waterfall. A short climb followed by a steep descent that will take us to the lowest point of the outing. A gradual climb along a jeep track will slowly take us back to the starting point.

Cumulative altitude gained: 550m.
Price: Rs.6000/pers

Technical – 17kms

We start off along a rocky road before taking a steep hidden single track, left unspoiled, leading us to the highest peak of Mauritius: the Black River Peak (828m). We have breathtaking views on the island. We make our way down a gradual track taking us through the National Park’s view point before taking the steep single track down known as Parakeet.

Cumulative altitude gained: 1000m.

Price: Rs.6000/pers 

Long distance trail

Technical – 25kms

Starting off on the road for a few hundred meters, we take a steep single track up one of the most untouched and unspoiled routes of the park. We eventually get to the top and have a easier road awaiting us.

We go around the whole park gradually going up through jeep tracks and single tracks before taking on our last climb that will lead us to the Black-River Peak at 828m. A steep and technical single track down before ending the outing.

Cumulative altitude gained: 1300m.

Price: Rs.8000/pers


The reviews posted on the site are from TripAdvisor

Words cannot describe how good this is !!
887DanielB Cheltenham, United Kingdom
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I did the trail running tour led by Zack yesterday and it was unbelievable! We climbed to the highest point on the mountain through the jungle and saw hedgehogs, monkeys and boars! Zack is a great guide, really friendly and chatty and very knowledgable and amazingly talented and skilled at climbing and descending but he went at my speed which was pretty slow for him 🙂 If you are adventurous in any way and into running / trail running at all I would simply say that you must do this before leaving the island! It was the highlight for me and probably the best run I have ever done ! Legs are tired now ! 🙂

a brilliant run through bat colonies and chinese guava
sean_hunter_christie Cape Town Central, South Africa
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I booked a trail run in the gorgeous Black River Gorges reserve with Yanature, and had Yan himself as a guide, the godfather of Mauritian trail. I am ten years Yan's junior and probably two minutes slower than him per kilometer of trail, but he was very insistent that I stay out of the red for the sake of my overall enjoyment of the morning, and he was very intuitive in setting a comfortable pace. He was also great on trail orientation, giving very precise guidance on the distance and demands of each new section - particularly welcome on the single track climbs through thickets of Chinese guava, which do not allow for any topographical perspective. Being a big bloke and a skier I enjoy going downhill fast, but rain in the preceding week had created mud slicks the likes of which you just don't see in my native Cape Town, and without making a fuss of it Yan pointed treacherous sections out ahead of time. From our highest point - a conical peak the name of which I have forgotten - we descended on a little used trail Yan described as "super-technical", and the slope was obscenely steep but densely packed guava trees on either side enable a kind of forward leaning free fall, with the hands and arms working as hard as the legs at times, yellow fruits tumbling ahead of us on the trail. The guava is a fierce invasive, but tunneling through it induces a dream-like state similar to night running - an experience I will remember for a long time. Our run concluded with a dip in the Riviere Noire, and it was far and away the best use I made of any morning spent in Mauritius. Highly, highly recommended.


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