Port-Louis – Capital City


Port-Louis, capital of Mauritius is a city that blends modernity and traditions of many cultures from all over the world.

To get this beautiful perspective on the town, one can follow the trails that lead to the mountains overlooking the port…

Aerial Panorama Of Port Louis Mauritius Skyline
Port Louis Capital Of Mauritius
Port Louis and the Moka mountain range
Multicolored Umbrellas In Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Capit
the popular multicolor umbrellas of the Caudan Waterfront


Port-Louis is the capital city of Mauritius Island. It is the largest city that you can find in the country as well. Even though it is a city with a great history and linked with the biggest empires of the 18th century, Port-Louis is not one of the most popular tourist attractions. 
However, it is worthy of making the bold decision and coming to Port-Louis. Then you can get the most out of it.
What if we told you that you could get unforgettable hiking experience with a start right in the city? You must take a look at the hiking trails located around Port-Louis. 
They are some of the underrated hiking trails out there, and you are guaranteed to receive a beautiful experience when you go ahead with hiking.
Port-Louis is a city located against a mountainous backdrop, the Moka ranges. 
You can experience a variety of cultures while you are spending your time in Port-Louis. The culture that you can find in this city is influenced by China, Europe, Africa, India, and even Middle-East.

View Of Market Stall.

The Market runs everyday in the center of the capital. There, you will find numerous varieties of exotic fruits & vegetables as well as dishes influenced by the many different cultures of the island.. We highly recommend a visit there before you leave the town. It is a great opportunity to do some shopping before your hiking trip.


People looking for hiking in Mauritius should not ignore hiking Le Pouce Mountain. The easiest way to do this hike is through the southern route. For this, you will have to drive out of Port-Louis to Saint-Pierre. 

Le Pouce is the second highest peak that you can find around the region. When you get to the top of the mountain, you will be able to get a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings. Walking in Mauritius is not a tedious job. Any person is able to go ahead with this hike. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before you come up with the decision to put your backpack on and go for it. 

During the first part of the hike, you will make a few hundred meters in the sugar cane field. After that, a steep but short passage in the woods will lead you on a larger trail that ends on a first small plateau. From there, you will be able to enjoy fascinating views of the Western Region of the island as well as outstanding views of the capital city.

As the next step, you can go to the second plateau if you decide to follow the nature trek. There, you can get a panoramic view of the island, as well as the little islands of the north of the country. 

The last part of your nature trekking experience is a bit more challenging. That’s because you have to go through a somewhat steep path to get to the final crest. That’s the only way to finally reach the summit.

Two Persons Climbing Up The Trail To The Peak Of The Mountain Le Pouce On The Island Of Mauritius With A View Over Pieter Both.
View From Le Pouce Mountain In Central Mauritius
Le Pouce

Out of the sugar cane fields, you enter this lush forest of native and exotic invasive species before finally reaching the plateau where the city reveals itself… 

Flower And Mountain
Sugar Cane Fields And Mountain On Mauritius Island, Africa


To start from St.Pierre, then  the first step is  to reach this village. There are several ways to get there, such as taking the public bus from the main bus stations of Curepipe or Quatre-Bornes, or with your rental car. If you need information regarding the bus shedules, visit the official mauritian bus transport website.

Once you are in St. Pierre, you will need to reach Petit Verger which is the starting point of this nature trek. If you look on google maps, you will notice there is a small route that goes into the fields toward the mountain very close to the Car Dealer zone. It is not easy to see, but there is also a small wooden sign indicating the way to “Le Pouce” mountain hike. 

Keep in mind that us locals are always happy to help the travelers, so do not hesitate to ask anyone around and they will show you the way. 

yanature team

This is not the only hiking excursion that you can find on the island. you can explore many more trails. If you are interested in more hiking excursions, you can contact Yanature. We are local mountain guides and love to share our passion for the mountains and the country’s nature to our guests. Experience the best of what Mauritius has to offer in terms of hiking, and discover about the biodiversity and history of the country with us.. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!