Meet Yanature: Passionate guides, nature lovers & outdoor enthusiasts ready to explore with you.

12 Professional Local Guides

G2 Mountain Guides EFR Certified


Yan is the first Mountain Guide who has ever taken visitors up the mythical Morne Brabant mountain. More than 3000 hikes up and down this national heritage, yet the joy of contemplating the sceneries from its different viewpoints and sharing his passion with the visitors has never changed.


Jessa joined the team in early 2018 and has had a big positive impact on the well being of the company. She loves human relations and will always be available to help and inform our guests on any matter. She loves being outside, on the mountain, or surfing the waves of Tamarin Bay.



Henri is co-owner of the company with Yan & Nicolas. His love for the mountain and its biodiversity are at the core of his daily-life. His mission is to find better ways to sensitize the Mauritian population and its visitors to the beauty and wealth of the Mauritian biodiversity, and protect it.


Nicolas is co-owner of the company with Yan & Henri. His passion for the mountain has been his drive to invest all of his energy as a Mountain Guide and an environmental activist. He chose to live a lifestyle which is as green as it can get to do his part in this fight against climate change.


Our guide Raphael, better known on the west-coast of the island as
“Rafiki” is everyone’s friend. He is a very engaged young person who is not scared to voice out and speak his mind. When he is not out on the mountain, he writes songs and sing for peace, respect and freedom around the island.


Steeve is a kind hearted inhabitant of la Gaulette’s village, right next to le Morne mountain. He has grown by the coast and knows the surroundings like no one else. When he is not guiding guests on the mountains, he spends his time either crafting hand-made jewellerys or singing in his local band.