We love kayaking for this practice is entirely in line with our commitment to promote tourism activities that are entirely respectful of our environment.

The Tamarind River - History & Wildlife


Rs.2000/pers – Euro.45/pers





What to expect?

Abundant wildlife, beautiful sceneries

Experience Required


Monday to Sunday

This trip starts at the very spot where the river meets the ocean, in Tamarin Bay, which is famous for its mythical wave. We will paddle upstream, where the water is calm, to discover the two main arms of the river. .On one side the Rempart and the Trois Mamelles mountains, and on the other, the magnificent mountain of La Tourelle.  The surrounding natural habitat boasts lush greenery as well as abundant wildlife. Throughout our journey, we may encounter moorhens, ducks, long billed birds, flying foxes or even monkeys. In the bay, there are high chances to come across dolphins before they head out to the open water.

This activity requires no previous kayaking experience and is suitable for anyone in good health.

Safety First

Professional Guides
EFR Certified

Optional Services

Shuttle hotel to hike