At Yanature, Trail-running holds a very special place…

A special place because for its founders, it is not just a simple sporting practice, but a starting point from which a philosophy of life has been built.


Being in the mountains to run is the very essence of our identity… Who are the runners at Yanature?   Let’s go meet them.

Man Trail Running On A Mountain At The Dask
Yan de Maroussem, Trailer aguerri Mauricien en pleine course
Interview from l'express about Yan de Maroussem 15 ascents of Le Morne Brabant
Interview from l'express about Yan de Maroussem 15 ascents of Le Morne Brabant


The veteran of the team. Running has been a part of his life since he was a child, but it took on a whole new dimension during his years of spiritual retreats at the Abbaye de Haute-Combes in France, between 2000 and 2003. He discovers mountain running and the link it creates with the “now”.

Among his most beautiful achievements are

A full loop of Mauritius Island – 207km in 26 hours
Two Grand Raids of Reunion Island in 35h and 36h respectively. (Top 50)

In addition to these personal sporting challenges, Yan helped to set up the Rando-Trail & Nature association, which now oversees and federates the events of the National Trail League.

Tamarin Bay Landscape At Sunset With Mountain In Background

Living on the west coast in the villages of Tamarin and Rivière-Noire, it is customary for Yanature runners to leave early in the morning to watch a sunrise while jogging along Tamarin Bay, towards the village of Flic-en-Flac. Precious moments of solitude, allowing you to free your mind to start the day off right…


Henri discovered Trail-running at the beginning of 2014. This marked a decisive turning point in his life, since it was out of a desire to run and be in the mountains that he joined Yanature. Exploring the trails of Mauritius became the driving force behind a great deal of energy put into the company since then.

Among his best performances:

Mauritian Trail-Running Champion 2016

Mauritian Trail-Running Champion 2017

Today, although the desire to compete has faded a little, the desire to run is still intact. During his travels around the world, it is always simply by taking one step in front of the other that he prefers to go on an adventure.


Henri Fayolle Mauritian Trail Running Championship Victory
Henri Fayolle, Elite Mauritian Runner
Running the Pinnacles, New Zealand
Ocean With Fishing Boats And Town At Sunset Time In Mauritius.

A little further south of the island are the villages of La Gaulette and Le Morne. They are traditionally fishing villages, where houses are built on the waterfront between coconut palms and other tropical trees. Running along this coast at sunset is a real privilege.

Nicolas Queland, Elite Mauritian Runner
Nicolas Queland on La Tourelle de Tamarin
Nicolas and his dog on La Tourelle de Tamarin


Nicolas discovered Trail-Running through his sister in 2013. He humbly began running for the pure pleasure of taking part in events that brought people together, and gradually stirred up a spirit of competition that would quickly lift him up among the local elite. In 2019, Nicolas resumed training with a view to the national selection for the Trail 2021 World Championships. Among his best performances:

1st in the National Trail League in 2017
10th in the Mascareigne de la Réunion in 2016

Screenshot 2019 11 13 At 09.14.44 2
Panorama Of Waterfall Black River And Jungle

As the weekend approaches, we look forward to wandering in the lush nature of the Black River Gorges. In this forest in the southwestern part of the Island, we feel at home, and although its trails no longer hold any secrets for us, it is with an inexhaustible desire to explore them that we return again and again.


Zack, the youngest member of the team, starts running in 2014. Before being a runner, he is mainly passionate about mountains and thrills. Extreme challenges attract him and it is the driving spirit behind his success in this sport. He already has a few good lines on his list of achievements and we are eager to see what the future holds for him…

Vice Champion of Mauritius 2019.
10 consecutive ascents of Tamarin mountain, “La Tourelle” for pure pleasure, one casual afternoon in October 2019. (43km – 5010m D+)
Victories and podiums of the local league

Zack Herbst, Elite Mauritian runner


Follow our team on the trails of Mauritius during your holidays..